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HAST | Make your hotel the best

Will your hotel be the best one?

Starting anything compelling with statistics is a risky move.

But we’re going to take a chance and share 3 stats you want to know about:

1. Guests form an opinion about a hotel room within 30 seconds of entering

2. 90% of customers believe that the quality of interior design reflects the quality of products or services

3. Good interior design strengthens customer confidence – guests will (happily) come back

In this article, we’ll show you how we can help your hotel excel in all of the above aspects.

Let´s talk about:

– Why it´s worth it to invest in quality furniture

– Why choose Hast

1. Why invest in quality furniture


You will increase the number of regular guests

    As one of the stats in the introduction says, quality means a lot to us. Mainly because we judge the quality of products or services by it.
    If you combine quality service and quality interior, your guests will look forward to coming to you more than they look forward to coming home after a busy week.
    If you’re comfortable in the room and the service is well thought out… why look for anything else?

You will save time and money

    “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap stuff.” Have you ever heard that quote before?
    Saving money by buying cheaper furniture looks tempting and profitable. However, furniture usually doesn’t last more than a few years and before you know it, you should be redecorating the entire interior.
    How´d you like to have this instead:
    – stain-resistant fabrics
    – furniture free of all kinds of decals and scratches
    – bathroom equipment that repels bacteria and mould
    Quality furniture is an investment, but it will ultimately pay you back 100 times over.

    2. Why Hast


      You have a construction manager on the phone, you have an electrician calling, and you have 3 unread messages in your email from a furniture supplier. The services don’t keep up, they don’t relate to each other and the pressure is on you.
      We will be happy to relieve you of such unpleasant situations. A project manager is in charge of the project, and you only communicate with him throughout the project.
      What does the cooperation look like?
      – If necessary, we will modify the interior and prepare it for furniture assembly
      – We will prepare the interior design and show you everything in visualizations so that the interior comes to life before your eyes
      – We will price the project and recommend the materials that best meet your requirements
      – We will manufacture the furniture, pack it carefully and send it to you
      – Under the supervision of the project manager, the assembly team then installs the furniture
      – The project manager will then go through the result with you and make sure everything matches your idea
      The project is over, you have a beautifully furnished hotel. Your guests are satisfied beyond measure and your hotel is taken care of for many years.
      Sound good? Let’s team up and give your hotel a new sparkle!


    What we can help you with

    Services offered

    Getting to know the materials III – METAL

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    Getting to know the materials III – METAL

    Getting to know the materials III – METAL

    Today we’re going to take a look at another material, used like a construction and also for furniture – metal. Everyone probably know which metal materials does exist. But do you know what their strengths and weaknesses are, what to look out for, and which metals to definitely not place outdoors?

    What does this article contain?

    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using steel,
    • what types of steel we use,
    • types of steel, where a few weaknesses are eliminated,
    • aluminium and its use,
    • and whether there may be any precious metals in the furniture industry.

    Let’s take a look at that.


    The most used metal is… well, steel.

    Steel is undoubtedly the most used metal, it is very strongdurable and can carry a lot of load. However, it is very sensitive to moisture and can corrode. In exterior needs to be coated with an anti-corrosion coating.

    However, its long service life and easy maintenance can be an advantage.


    Are you familiar with CRS and HRS steel types?

    In the furniture industry we sometimes come across 2 types, depending on the method of production:

    CRS – cold rolled steel

    CRS ocel

    HRS – hot rolled steel

    HRS ocel, jekl

    They are each a different colour. CRS is lighter, HRS is darker and also achieves higher strength.

    Stainless steel or corten?

    Wherever steel is exposed to moisture, we may encounter stainless steel,

    nerezová ocel

    or corten steel, which has a specific “rusted” appearance. Oxidation occurs on the surface of the steel to form a protective layer. Today it is increasingly used as a design element. We love it on the facade of a container house, for example. 😊

    cortenová fasáda na kontejnerovém domě


    The lightest metal material in the furniture industry is…aluminium.

    Another favorit metal material is aluminium. Its undeniable advantage is its light weight, durability and corrosion resistance. It is the ideal metal for larger surfaces, as you don’t need Popeye the sailor and a kilo of spinach to handling it.

    And slightly more controversial metal materials such as copper and gold

    Other lesser used metals are copper and gold. Copper is used to make various decorative elements such as handles, caps and decorative inserts. Copper is easy to work, corrosion resistant and allows the production of pieces with fine details.

    Gold is more for exclusive furniture projects. It is an excellent metal for casting and machining and has excellent qualities of durability and longevity.


    If you are interested in our realisations where metal elements have played a significant role, take a look at the wine corner from Formafatal designers.

    This concludes the chapter on metal materials. Hopefully we have told you at least one interesting information that you will find useful.


    Until next time, your HAST.


    1. have you read our articles on wood?


    FSC® certification of Hast – everything you want to know

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     FSC® certification of Hast

    Everything you want to know before FSC certification


    When we said we had a new welding ISO in 2022, we also added that we were not stopping there.

    Our New Year’s resolution included, among other things, certifying Hast FSC.

    And because it was a bit of a Spanish village for us and we needed time to get to grips with the whole process, we want to write here everything we know that can help you if you’re also considering certification.

    We will examine:

    1. What is FSC
    2. Why does not only the wood needs FSC certification but also the company that processes or resells the wood?
    3. What requirements do you need to meet?
    4. How does the control system work?

    What is FSC

    FSC or Forest Stewardship Council® is a non-profit organization that sets rules for forestry practices. The goal is to promote forest management that is responsible for both the environment and people.

    In order for the final product to carry the green label, the entire flow of wood material from the forest to the consumer must be tracked. It is crucial that it is always possible to prove the origin of the wood.

    This brings us to the FSC CoC (Chain of Custody) label.

    Why does the chain of custody also need certification?

    We admit without torture that this was our first thought. You will often come across FSC-certified wood. But as we wrote above, for the final product to be worthy of the FSC label, it must not stop with the wood.

    If your company works with both certified and non-certified wood, you must always be able to demonstrate that the materials cannot be interchanged. This applies both when you process the wood further and when you just resell it.

    An auditing company with the appropriate FSC authorization and license will then help you to establish and control the separation.

    Requirements for audit

    In an FSC audit, the focus is not only on production readiness but also on:

    • The company’s OSH performance & fire protection
    • Labour law background
    • Compliance with standards on forced and child labour
    • Barriers to discrimination in the workplace

    Controlling the process

    From our own experience, we recommend that you have an FSC-certified company. Having someone who will advise you on what to do is great. Please note that this must be a different company than the one that is carrying out the audit.

    They will advise you on what to look out for, how best to avoid mixing materials, how to train your staff, and how to document administratively.

    The acute audit will then check how prepared you are to use FSC. After the initial audit, you will be approved for 5 years. However, every year, there is a surveillance audit to check if you are doing something unfairly or have misunderstood something. The more frequent the audit, the better the chances of catching any problems right from the start.

    What to look out for

    What were the most important points we took away?

    1. An FSC certificate is great, but the most important thing is to check if the company is ok in the register of certified companies in the official FSC database
    2. Training of employees throughout the company so that everyone knows what the rules are
    3. The FSC label and the FSC name itself are licensed and its use for all outdoor communication must be approved

    Well, these are the main points. Did we help you to understand FSC more clearly? If yes, we are very happy!

    We will now happily put a sticker on the furniture in your office, restaurant, shop, or living room. Wherever you want.


    We offer shipping containers for sale.

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    Containers for sale

    We offer used shipping containers for sale


    We love working with shipping containers. Sometimes, it happens that we have more than we can use at the moment.

    We have 10 of them and we are looking for their new home. Would you use them? Let us know!

    You can text us via the inquiry form or directly to our email address info@hastgroup.cz.




    Container type: 20′ ISO CARGO WORTHY (6058 X 2438 X 2591) – used

    quantity: 10 pcs

    Price: 2 620 € / 1 pcs without VAT

    If you´d like to check out the containers yourself, you are very welcomed to visit our factory in Ostrava.


    Customized container


    We can give you the container in its original condition, or we can modify it to your liking.

    Could you see it covered in wood in your garden so you finally have somewhere to put the mower and tools?

    Or would you prefer a sauna & jacuzzi, office unit, bistro, or coffee shop?

    Together we can find a solution tailor-made to your ideas.


    Getting to know the materials II

    Getting to know the materials II

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    Getting to know the materials II

    Plywood, solid wood panel, and battenboard


    Unless you are in the field, names like plywood, solid wood panel, or battenboard bring more question marks than answers. So let us take the thorn (or splinter, if you will) out of your side and explain the basic parameters.

    What we will focus on in this article:

    1) What is plywood

    2) What do you use solid wood panels for

    3) What is the purpose of battenboard


    1) What is plywood

    Plywood (aka PDP) ) is made by gluing layers of veneer (which is a thin layer of wood ranging from 0.4 to 3 mm thick) that are stacked crosswise. 3 or more layers

    are used up to the required thickness of plywood.

    Advantages of plywood

    Mainly its appearance, which perfectly replaces solid wood, and its excellent mechanical properties. Thanks to its layering, plywood is dimensionally and shape stable and, unlike solid wood, will not warp immediately.

    Plywood is also available in large formats, so it finds a wide range of uses from various tiles and furniture pieces to kitchen cabinets.

    We used plywood in the recent realization for the Bageterie Boulevard food chain.


    2) What do you use solid wood panels for

    Another material is a solid wood panel (aka SWP). It is closer to solid wood in appearance and properties.

    It is made of 3 glued layers. The outer layers are made of slats that are glued along their length. The middle layer is also made of slats and is also glued together lengthwise.

    The individual layers are glued to each other in such a way that the middle layer is rotated by 90°.

    By gluing the boards transversely, we increase the stability of the boards and their resistance to deflection or torsion.

    The use of SWP is wide, in the past they found application mainly in the construction industry as a construction material. Today, thanks to their natural appearance, they are increasingly found in interiors as tiles, structural elements of staircases, or as quality pieces of furniture.

    For example, we used solid wood panels for the Kolovna guesthouse.


    3) What is the purpose of battenboard

    Last but not least desk material we will discuss today is the battenboard. This time it is a 1-wooden board that is glued together from solid wood.

    It is easy to tell it from a solid wood panel, just by looking at its edge. The SWP will have layers here, but the battenboard will not.

    The use in the furniture industry is quite broad. In particular, it replaces solid wood due to its better properties. It can be used as worktops, window sills, staircases, or interior furniture.

    As we think about this, we do not have any recent realization using battenboard. Do you want to make one together?

    Did the next episode of “getting to know the materials” bring you any new insights?

    By the way, if you haven´t read the previous article about laminate, MDF, or soft board, here is the link.

    If you have something on your mind you would rather hear a professional opinion on, let us know! We will be happy to help.

    welding certification EN ISO 3834

    welding certification EN ISO 3834

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    Welding on another level

    We have successfully passed the EN ISO 3834 certification for welding


    Welding and working with metal is an area in which we want to continuously improve. As we often work with residential containers in our production, the demands for quality and precision are high.

    We are sparkling

    Over the summer we went through EN ISO 3834 certification. This ISO defines the standards of quality and performance in fusion welding of metallic materials.

    We can also say that it is an international guarantee for the consistency of the production process.

    What does it mean for our welding?

    The welding certification covers the production and welding of metal furniture, switchboard cabinets, and residential containers. This means that whether we supply you with a metal cabinet or a container house, you are guaranteed that we have gone the extra mile.

    Certification of our welders

    We could not do it without our skilled welders. We are happy to let you know, that our welders, Roman and Jirka, have successfully passed the state welding exam. Congratulations!

    Would you like to test our skills? Let us know how can we help with your project!