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“Every new project is a perfect opportunity to improve our knowledge. We hate to say no so we always follow the path into the unknown – that is the only way our company can professionally grow and prosper.”
Jan Přibyl, CEO
18 years of experiences


Warm greetings from HAST

 We are a Czech family business. We do what we love, and hope you can see that from our work. We are on the market since 2006… quite some time.

Quick history tour

In the beginning, we were stairs suppliers. We took baby steps and slowly extended our services to complete supply and business support in all its phases.

As time went by, we started our wood and metal production. Also, to keep the thrill, we emerged into container houses and modular structures. We are proud to say that now it´s one of our main divisions.

What is next?

We would hate to end up being stuck in one place. We are still working on the following certifications to provide you with the best services possible.

 Do you have another challenge for us? Let us know!

Our realizations all around the world


Our company has been on the market since 2006. In the meantime we collected a wide spectrum of experience. We love our job and we are up for every challenge.


Quality is our No. 1 standard. We use quality materials and we pay attention to every detail.


You can always count on us with precise cooperation, proactive approach and support throughout the entire process. See for yourself!

Our happy clients


QANTO Svitavy

This project was about frontage ledge realization, including documentation and assemblage.

Family House

This is a precise discipline demanding a lot of patience and flawless synergy with clients.

Recording studio

The client was 2K studio, which specialises in video games development.