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Welding on another level

We have successfully passed the EN ISO 3834 certification for welding


Welding and working with metal is an area in which we want to continuously improve. As we often work with residential containers in our production, the demands for quality and precision are high.

We are sparkling

Over the summer we went through EN ISO 3834 certification. This ISO defines the standards of quality and performance in fusion welding of metallic materials.

We can also say that it is an international guarantee for the consistency of the production process.

What does it mean for our welding?

The welding certification covers the production and welding of metal furniture, switchboard cabinets, and residential containers. This means that whether we supply you with a metal cabinet or a container house, you are guaranteed that we have gone the extra mile.

Certification of our welders

We could not do it without our skilled welders. We are happy to let you know, that our welders, Roman and Jirka, have successfully passed the state welding exam. Congratulations!

Would you like to test our skills? Let us know how can we help with your project!