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We’ve got one of those news…… ugly case.

Since we founded Hast Retail, we have always followed the basic principles. Principle number 1: Get your suspects in order. – Principle number 2: Create confusion among suspects

Hast Retail is therefore finished.

But a commemorative gathering is not in order, it would be a shame to mourn. Over the years, a new entity has emerged that is able to offer a much broader portfolio of services, products and implementations, where retail is only a part, logically leading us to the conclusion that Hast Retail no longer represents what we are able to offer.

We’re Hast Group now.

“Group” or team, squad, grouping, simply a unified whole that is capable of many things. And that is what represents us now.

Confusion or order? In any case, one of our principles.

The services we now offer will take you from the initial idea, through design, technical documentation to successful implementation. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s for interiors, woodworking, metalworking or small modular and container buildings or retail, because we are now Hast Group.

The individual divisions of this unit are able to fully cover the above and operate in different sectors, areas of your needs and requirements.

We feel at home in the above areas and would be delighted to make the Hast Group a home for your ideas and requirements.



Hast Group



Just a quick note for our business partners – our legal name changed to HAST GROUP s.r.o., please keep that in mind when invoicing :).