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How to make the best use of 

a container?

Containers in all (im)possible ways

The containers won us over with their variability of use, quick and dry preparation and installation.

We’ll show you our 4 proven ways you can use them. We already think they’ll win you over, too.

How to use the container?

  1. Gastro container
  2. Wellness container
  3. Container house
  4. Charging station for e-bikes from containers

1. Gastro container

Most often we choose with our eyes. When it comes to food, this is even more true. Have you ever found yourself drawn to a nice visual, even though you don’t know what food or drink is waiting for you there? A container stand is exactly what will draw many eyes.

For example, we designed and manufactured a container for an ice cream vendor to accommodate all the necessary equipment.

There is plenty of room inside for:

  • 2 ice cream machines
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Work space

The exterior was a combination of trapezoidal sheets and wooden slats. We did it all in two weeks.

A similar concept can also be used for gastro stands at festivals and similar events, or for cafes and franchises in busy places.

Well-deserved rest after work.. what do you think of

2. Wellness container

Do you also dream of a romantic wellness stay with your partner, but you still haven’t found the space in the everyday hustle and bustle? Well, what if wellness came to you?

When you build a wellness container on your property, you have well-deserved relaxation just a few steps away.

What can such a wellness container offer you?

  • Sauna
  • Hot tub
  • Shower
  • Relax zone

Everything fits into one container, which we will bring ready to your home and your evenings after work will take on a new level. We will tailor the container and its equipment to make you feel at home.

Like at home… so we’re wondering, do you want to move straight into the container?

3. Container house

In cooperation with designers, we provided a container home for one young man. He wanted to use his parents’ property but at the same time live in his own. We built a comfortable 2+KK from 2 containers for him.

The house has everything you’d want to find there:

  • Bathroom with washing machine
  • Bedroom with built-in wardrobe
  • Kitchen with dishwasher
  • French window in the living room with direct access to the garden

We managed the installation within days, connected the containers together on site and connected the house to the network.

In our opinion, this is a perfect solution. And most importantly, mini houses are the trend of the next few years. What do you think?

You can’t sit at home all the time though, so how about some sport activities?

4. Charging station for e-bikes

The pace of these days is accelerating every day. It’s no wonder we want to go faster and faster on our bikes.

Do you have experience with e-bikes? If so, you know that you can work hard on the e-bikes too. You just have to drive further or higher. However, when you’re a long way out, the last thing you need is a dead battery.

The people from Kolovna know this very well (maybe even from their own experience), which is why they approached us with the concept of charging stations from containers.

Charging station from the container:

  • We used retired shipping containers
  • Each container contains 3 charging stations
  • Charges 6 e-bikes at once
  • Guarded by camera system

The most troublesome thing for us was the electrical installation. Eventually we invited other experts to help and came up with a great solution. Not goona lie, it took us a while to fine tune everything, but now we are pouring one station after another.

What about you?

What is the best way to use containers for you? In our portfolio we have used containers as practical interior decoration, meeting room, background for golf resort, guest house and more.

Have you thought of what you would use the container for? Let us know, we’ll be happy to help with a solution just for you.