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Getting to know the materials

What is the difference between chipboard and fibreboard?


Have you ever been faced with a furniture choice and didn’t know what material the cabinetmaker was actually suggesting?

At times like that, it’s easy to nod at anything, as long as they stop sprinkling those unfamiliar acronyms up their sleeve… the resulting piece of furniture may not be a completely positive surprise afterwards.

Let´s clear it once and for all.

What we’ll explain:

  • What’s the difference between chipboard and fibreboard
  • What you use lamino boards for
  • What you use OSB for
  • What does the abbreviation MDF stand for
  • What HDF is good for
  • What is softboard

1. What is chipboard?

Chipboard (abbreviated DTD) is made from wood chips, shavings or sawdust.

The individual parts are then glued or pressed together.

It doesn’t look very good, so it’s more likely to be used where it’s out of sight. For example, it can be used under the upholstery of a sofa etc.

What to use lamino boards for (abbreviated as LTD)

Chipboards can also be used to make lamino boards.

It is created by gluing decorative laminating paper and pouring melamine resin over it.

The use of lamino boards is more frequent, it is used to make kitchen doors or cabinet bodies.

Lamino boards are one of the cheaper materials.


What is OSB board

You may come across OSB. It consists of large chips and splinters that are compressed in multiple layers and bonded together with a polyurethane (or other) binder.

You will find OSB in the construction of houses as a load-bearing and sandwich structure or wall cladding. Its great advantage is its water resistance.


2. What is fibreboard?

Fibreboard is made from wood fibres to which glue and additives are added to improve the properties of the board.


What is the proverbial MDF

MDF, from the English medium density fibreboard, is a board with a medium density of fibres. They are usually single-ply, and are stronger and better quality compared to chipboards.


What is HDF?

When a board has a high fibre density, we refer to it as HDF.

HDF boards are hard and can be printed, laminated or veneered well.


What is softboard

Another type of fibreboard is softboard. It is a pressed board made of lignocellulose fibers. The fibers are felted and naturally stick together.

Big advantage is that softboard is eco-friendly, using zero chemicals and aditives. It also pleases with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. You will often see softboard used for flooring.

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What do you say? We know, it takes a lot to read all the way here. Thank you! We hope you found it useful and that the next time you pick out furniture, you’ll have nothing but pleasant surprises waiting for you.