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Big See Awards

Big See who?

The Big See is a major global event that takes place in Slovenia every year. It aims to enhance the commercial success and attractiveness of South East Europe by evaluating and promoting the high-end architecture to be found here. On our behalf, we can say that they succeed at a high aesthetic level.

Guess who was awarded..

We are very pleased to have been able to be part of it this year, and even more so not only as observers, but also as double awardees. No one else could go to receive the prize but people connected with our company in heart and soul – the managing director Jan Pribyl and his wife Iveta.

How was it?

Conferences on interesting current topics with great guests were interspersed throughout the day and the presentation of the main prize was combined with a gala dinner. There was an opportunity to get to know people from the industry and a lot of inspiring, often very young people, passionate about their work.

Do you know which projects won?

As you know, our winning projects were a guesthouse for Kolovna in Jeseníky and a shop and warehouse in Ostrava. If you haven’t seen the projects yet, we think it’s a good time to fix that by clicking on the link here. You can also read a little about them on our social networks. Did you have opportunity to attend a similar cultural event? Let us know, we’d love your tips.